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Our 'Sustainable September' Dress

Our 'Sustainable September' Dress

What an Indian Summer! And with it a new release of the Carnival Dress in transitional hues.

I asked Elizabeth to model the dress for us. She is behind all our customer support emails so many of you will already know her. Perhaps what you don’t know is that we’ve been friends for 59 years . . . yes . . . really that long! Not only that, as Elizabeth has worked in the sustainable and ethical fashion arena for many years, she keeps us on our toes when it comes to making sure we are doing all we can to build a better fashion business. This dress embodies so much that is her passion, she was delighted to slip this dress on for an impromptu photoshoot! 

The New September edition of 'The Carnival' carries so many of our hallmark values: a timeless style that transcends any trends, a great dress for all seasons, dress up or down, made locally as always, and in a deadstock cloth that we bought and now using every last inch. 

Over to Elizabeth to hear why she loves the conscious Carnival dress... 

"I love this dress for its timeless design, knowing that I'll wear it for many years. It flatters my shape and I know I'll wear it lots which will give me so much value. What's more, in this beautiful deadstock cloth, I feel good wearing a piece that has helped reduce overproduction and unnecessary waste"

pink and green tartan sustainable maxi dress "Beautifully made! I love all the details which again will make this dress last. The fine finishes, tiny stitched hems, the bias cut sleeve, and that I have matching sash so I can wear the dress two ways. I'm passionate about making as close to base as possible, so to know that this dress is made in England makes me very happy. Our little workshop offers local employment, we know our makers and they work together as a team, all-in-all a lovely way to work "

pink and green tartan sustainable maxi dress

 "Let's not forget this happy fabric! Not only for its joyful woven check design, I know that it's a lovely leftover cloth that was found by Justine a couple of years ago and this dress is made by using up every last bit." It's a cotton mix with stretch which gives lots of body and comfort. It washes in a quick 30 cycle (but I'd always say don't wash too often anyway) and literally needs no ironing! Knowing that this fabric is being 'upcycled' into something beautiful makes my heart sing"

pink and green tartan sustainable maxi dress

"I'm here to help! One of the reasons why I wanted to work at JT was to help reduce the amount of returns, a ‘hotspot’ for carbon emissions for all fashion brands because of the extra postage, packaging and cleaning involved. So, let’s work together to find you the right size dress first time around. To help with this, do measure yourself and as always, contact me, Elizabeth, at customer service if you're in any doubt " 

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