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Crisp Days and Cosy Nights

With Autumn properly set in, welcome to our pick of the crop. Modelled by me and my daughter Daisy, enjoy timeless styling, rich colour, glowing tartans and toasty knits. Style over fashion at any age.

Knitwear Season

Discover our crop of joyful knits, naturally made in British wool, consciously crafted in Scotland.

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Cropped Cardigan in Green | Made in Scotland | Justine Tabak

You are the loveliest company to deal with and the clothes are just fabulous. I have not loved clothes so much since I was young and would repeatedly travel to London to haunt Kensington Market and Biba on Kensington High Street. These references are probably lost in history now but a big thank you for lovely clothes and brilliant service. 


Your clothes are so true to your ethos - I literally wear them out, and they still look amazing. By the way, I think you are all part of an amazing brand, not only with the clothes, but the outstanding customer service. 


So proud of you for making the leap and championing British manufacturing. It makes sense on so many levels. We love Justine Tabak! 


My parcel arrived yesterday. Quite made my week - am beyond excited about my new threads! Honestly, wearing your beautifully made homespun clothes is like being wrapped in a hug. 


Absolutely love my Justine Tabak dress and skirt. I feel good about paying a fair price and supporting UK industry 


I have some knitwear as well as dresses and everything is just
perfect; great quality always and lovely designs which are suitable for any occasion.
I totally feel I have found ‘me’ again after many years of farming in wellies and now never
wear anything other than Justine Tabak.