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Mother and Daughter Style

Mother and Daughter Style

Daisy and I were interviewed for the Telegraph to celebrate the bond that comes from ageless style, where our fashion inspiration is rooted, and how we style our clothes differently! Here's our behind the scenes chat...

What has been your fashion inspiration Daisy? 
"I go shopping in Mum's loft! Ever since a child I've been rummaging in Mum's vintage treasure chest and I feel lucky to have all these clothes to hand. It wasn't until I was older that I realised how many of these influences came into Mum's own collection and how, now that I'm working with her, I'm seeing vintage shapes with a whole new perspective." 

Justine "Yes, I've collected clothes since a teenager and have been lucky enough to have hand-me-downs from my Mum too. Interestingly, Daisy might take something from the 90s and wear it quite differently to how I wore it at the time, and then I might adopt one of her ideas and re-invent a new look from the same piece." 

Daisy "And another thing I have absorbed without thinking is your love of natural fabrics... when I was little you'd always put me in a cotton or linen dress, with lots of gingham and floral prints! Mum's taste hasn't really altered over time, it's just adapted to suit current fashion shapes, but saying this, so many of her favourite pieces are what she's worn for years." 

Justine "Yes, When I was Daisy's age, I was a 'gentle new romantic' wearing cotton petticoats and a big woolly jumper over the top! Nothing changes really, I've always had a soft spot for an easy flowy dress with a cardi over the top!"

Do you see any generational differences from what you'd choose from the JT collection? 

Daisy "Not really, I think nowadays, it's very different and I don't see styles as 'too old' or 'too young'. Mum tends to dress down her clothes with trainers and comfort, I might choose to dress up a piece with heels or a belt. I do like some shorter lengths too so we have been looking at those for spring!" 

Justine "Yes, I'm more conscious of my arms and legs, so tend towards longer styles. But our customers are multi-generational and Daisy has helped me to refresh some looks with just a few tweaks. I think it's funny that she might wear a 'granny knit' thrown over a dress whilst I might wear the fluorescent trainers! By designing simple pieces, it follows that Daisy and I can style up or down as suits our personalities without the clothes wearing us."

"What does unite us is a love of a good dress, in a great colour, and one that we think will end up in a loft for future generations!" 

For the Telegraph, we decided to wear two new styles from the collection. Daisy wears wears the Mia dress in washed denim trimmed with red linen trim. She loves a pop of red!

And I wore the same dress for my 60th! ...

Daisy will tend to dress something up whereas I will tend to dress it down. By designing simple silhouettes, any woman can put their stamp on them. 

Red Cotton Artist Smock Maxi Dress | Made in England | Justine Tabak

I wear the Midhurst dress in the new cherry red. A colour for all seasons, all ages. I'll wear it freestyle and loose with a pair of trainers, Daisy will sash and dress it up with a pair of shiny pumps and a slick of red lipstick! 

I think beautiful sleeves are the essential feature that makes a dress work for both of us. We often like to offer the option of a tie ribbon or sash to tie at the smallest part of the ribcage. Simple silhouettes that either of us, or any woman, could put their stamp on.


Read the feature by Caroline Leaper in the Telegraph.

Thank you to Andrew Crawley who took the photos

Justine x


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