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My grandfather was an East End tailor, dress making is in my blood. After graduating from the Royal College of Art, where I studied Fashion and Textiles, my career has spanned the catwalks of Italy to the commercial demands of the British high street. Passionate about what this country has to offer, I've put my heart back into Britain to design a sustainable ‘modern romantic’ womenswear collection. More than just style, my clothes tell stories of real people, the places and the makers behind them.

Five years on, I’ve grown from a kitchen table business to a fully fledged small talented team based in a studio in Hackney, east London (just around the corner from where my grandfather lived!) We design, create and develop every product in house and we work hand in hand with our local makers to turn our designs into beautiful reality. 

Designs are fresh and timeless. Vintage inspiration meets modern practicality with delicate details combined with easy breezy shapes. Pieces to cherish and wear time and again in the spirit of SLOW fashion.

Made entirely in the UK, I source fine British fabrics where possible and produce in small local manufacturers where I can put a face to a name and we work together to create beautiful products. Quality and care is utmost.

Sustainable Local Original Whimsical Fashion

Whilst not claiming to be an 'eco' brand, we describe the brand as a sustainable one. There is no one set way to be sustainable, but to us it means 'doing our best' to respect our environment, the people involved with our clothes and a minimal waste ethos. In our own small way, we hope that we are helping to change perceptions and work towards a more healthy and happy clothing industry.

Buying British fabrics where possible means our fabrics have a smaller carbon footprint. Even when raw fibres are not grown in this country, by sourcing locally, we cut down on our air miles. We also support local businesses and really get to know ‘who made our clothes’. 

We use 'deadstock' fabrics within the collection. Whilst not a pretty name, these are fabrics that have been overproduced by mills, or left overs from bigger brands. These rolls, if unused, end up stagnating in warehouses or at worst in landfill. All the processes which go into creating fabric, from growing, dyeing, weaving to finishing, uses energy and water, so by using existing fabrics, we don't need to repeat these processes again.

We make our clothes in London, just a short journey away from the studio, meaning that our pieces have far less distance to travel before being 'in stock'. The journey of garment to your door involves as little travel as possible.

We make in batches through the year. This means we don't carry excess stocks and do not overproduce. We aim to sell through every single item, as we've loved creating each piece and want you to love it too.

Our prices reflect the quality of our fabrics and British made production costs. We do not over inflate prices to reduce drastically in sales.

We have a seasonless approach to design, with the emphasis on quality and forever style over fleeting trends.

We use wholly recyclable packaging, simple paper packages tied up with string.

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