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Irish Linen Sunshine Gingham

Irish Linen Sunshine Gingham

It's officially linen season and here I 'bring you sunshine' with the story of our sunflower gingham check. Beautifully crafted in Ireland, we loved working with our makers who dyed, weaved and laundered this queen of sustainable cloth. 
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Justine x

It all starts with yarn. We selected a natural ivory colour and had our own golden yellow dyed to just the right hue... one that we thought would cross the seasons from summer through to autumn. Once dyed, the looms are set up with the longitudinal warp threads ready for the weft threads to be woven across the loom.

Craftmanship born out of years of experience. Our Irish weaver makes sure every detail is checked at every stage.

Once woven, fabric is quality checked and washed on site to give it that wonderful laundered and lived in feel. Linen is a fabric that is truly natural, completely sustainable and ages beautifully. 

On arrival at our north London workshop, we cut and stitch our Irish linen into timeless designs. For the 'sunshine' gingham, we chose our flattering and forever 'Whitstable' shape for longevity in fabric and style.


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