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Who Made Your Clothes?

Who Made Your Clothes?

This week is Fashion Revolution week, marking the anniversary of the horrific Rana Plaza factory collapse in 2013 where 1,138 workers were killed and many more injured. We remember them and think of their families and this week reminds us that despite the glamour and wonder that is our industry, there is so much that needs to be improved and as a community we need to cherish those who not just wear the clothes but make them too. I always say 'a designer is nothing without the craftsman and makers who create the fabrics and sew the shapes'. 

So with this is mind, we want to introduce you to some of our wonderful makers who 'Make our Clothes'. All have worked with us since the brand was started in 2016, and have grown with us over the years. Making locally, we are lucky to be able to visit regularly, talk everyday and support each other to solve problems and enjoy the fruits of our labours! 

Working with small community-based workshops is something we're very proud of, but this is just the tip of the iceberg when discussing supply chains. From the weave of your fabric to the cut of your armhole, the thoughtful packers and wrappers to our key worker delivery drivers, thank you all. 

Justine x 

Here's Lucy, our lovely pattern cutter. We start the make process here with her, taking our designs through from sketch to final sample as a hand-in-hand partnership...


Yuksel and Sital both own and run their own manufacturing companies in London. We've been working and growing with them since the brand was created. 

Last but not least, not forgetting our friendly fabric makers, say hello to Stephen and his brother Seamus in their mill in Ireland. Stephen weaves our beautiful linen checks, working with us on our designs and producing 'no-waste' lengths of sustainably made cloth.


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