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Our new Ladbroke Grove Dresses ....... and how to care for them

Our new Ladbroke Grove Dresses ....... and how to care for them

With Autumn fully fledged, we're showcasing our new Ladbroke Grove dress. Made in Liberty's famous tana lawn in two beautiful archive prints, this flowing dress is based on our best-selling Primrose Hill shape, adapted with a higher, cosier neckline and a long sleeve that can be worn down or 'scrunched up' to the elbow. As are all my dresses, this style is forever easy and covers all seasons; layer over tights and a polo if really nippy, and come spring you'll be pulling up the sleeves when the sun shines. 

I decided to make this dress in cotton, not traditionally a 'winter' fabric, but I always think natural fabrics have all year round appeal being kind to the skin, easy to wear layered up or down and breathable so you don't build up a sweat in central heating. We've also been doing our research into all our cottons, the huge use of water in the production of cotton has been widely publicised and we've discovered that Liberty have done some amazing work behind the scenes to make their classic cotton as sustainable as possible. This cotton is Oeko-tex certified and made in conjunction with the Better Cotton Initiative, a collective movement to promote better cotton farming practises, non polluting dyes, safe for the environment and the customer.

Natural fibres, when sourced thoughtfully, cause less harm throughout their lifecycle. Natural fabrics will biodegrade, and unlike synthetics, will not shed micro plastics into the water system when washed. In terms of washing, I always recommend washing at a low temperature. This keeps your clothes in tip top condition whilst also saving precious energy usage. Cotton should be fine on a 30 degrees wash, using a gentle detergent such as a non-bio. In softest Liberty Tana Lawn, the dress can be simply hung straight from the washing machine and should be dry and pretty much crease free by the morning. 

Ultimately we're all just trying to do our best, and the best tip I could give would be to try to wash clothes less frequently, using less water and saving energy. Sometimes all a cotton dress needs is a simple airing by an open window to feel fresh and ready to be worn again. 

My Ladbroke Grove dresses, in' 'Tatton and 'Sissinghurst' prints, are both in stock and available to buy now. 

Warmest wishes 

Justine x

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