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Match Your Masks For The Intensive Care Society

Match Your Masks For The Intensive Care Society

Hurrah to our incredible Intensive Care Workers!

Today I'm thrilled to be launching my own cotton mask in collaboration with Isabel Spearman's Daily Dress Edit to help raise money for the Intensive Care Society.

Wearing masks has all of a sudden become part of our everyday lives, worn to protect ourselves and others from spreading the coronavirus. As we slowly come out of lockdown, it's been recommended that we take to wearing a simple face covering in certain situations such as on public transport. Doing so helps to prevent the spread, and so protects our NHS as best we can so that they can continue to help and save the most vulnerable.

The Intensive Care Society is a charity that supports all who work in Intensive Care Units. The ICU is the safety net of the hospital - where the sickest patients are given  life saving care including ventilation. In these unprecedented times, staff have been overstretched to the hilt, and the Intensive Care Society provides much needed support both mentally and physically to all their members. See their amazing work at

Isabel Spearman was approached by Kirsty Mann, a volunteer for the charity, to ask if she knew of any brands that might want to sell masks to raise funds for the ICS. They quickly conjured up the idea of 'Match your Mask' as a fun way to raise funds. I jumped at the chance to take part in this wonderful initiative! 

Our masks are made from the 'offcuts' gathered during the making of our dresses in a mix of florals and checks, the prettiest of prints in 100% pure cotton. They are gently shaped to flatter and comfortably fit over your mouth and nose, with a simple discreet soft elastic to loop around your ears. All double sided for extra security and fully machine washable. 

In each handy fabric pouch, we have placed two masks, one to wear, one for the wash. Each pack is selected as a 'lucky dip', meaning you'll receive two masks chosen at random, no two packs the same, in a mix of light and dark colours. Not only do these masks help protect, but by repurposing small scraps of fabric left over from cutting pieces in production, they are a sustainable option to keeping you looking stylish and safe!

And we are shouting loud and proud for the makers of our masks, a loyal supplier who not only makes fantastic dresses but has also spent the last few months coordinating and making thousands of locally made PPE for our hospitals and care homes.

Please note these are not medical masks, but function as a cloth face covering as recommended by the government to be worn by the general public in certain situations.

Each fabric pouch containing two masks costs £25, available to buy through the website now. All profits from sales will be donated to the ICS to raise vital funds for the charity. 

Wear safe, wear pretty.

Justine x


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