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Made in the British Isles

Made in the British Isles

Today is Made in UK Day, and we’re joining our friends at Make it British to celebrate the wonderful manufacturing heritage we share here in the British Isles. 

As many of you know, one of the reasons why I started Justine Tabak was because I am passionate about what this country has to offer. After many years working with mass producers in far flung places I craved to work more locally, putting a face to the name and meeting the real people that make it happen! And so, for 5 years now, I’ve put my heart and soul into designing and making a unique women’s fashion collection right here in the heart of London.

There are many reasons why we choose to make right here, meeting face to face with manufacturers, fabric producers, designers and crafters. From minimal travel and shorter lead times, to enabling us to keep an eye on production and ensure that care and quality is maintained. We source fabric locally when possible, such as Irish linenNottingham lace and Scottish wool, celebrating the wealth of heritage and passion these mills have about keeping British & Irish manufacturing ahead of its game.  

At Justine Tabak we design and make all our clothes (yes every one!) in the UK.  By purchasing from UK-made businesses like ours you are helping to: 

Lower your carbon footprint

Buying products made closer to home means you can significantly reduce the number of miles something has travelled. In turn, this reduces its carbon footprint.

Just as at Justine Tabak, UK-made products are often made in much smaller quantities, too. Many can be made to order, discouraging waste within the supply chain. We call this ‘batch production’.  

Save essential skills 

Manufacturing requires hugely valuable skill. By purchasing a product that is made in the UK you are helping to save skills within local communities.

Create job opportunities 

2.7 million people work within manufacturing in the United Kingdom. When you buy a product that is made in the UK you are directly contributing to keeping someone in employment.

Promote UK craftsmanship 

When you buy a product that is made in the UK you are helping to preserve craftsmanship that has been passed down through generations. 

Boost local economies 

Buying locally-made directly contributes to your local economy.

Preserve UK manufacturing 

If everyone living in the United Kingdom bought just one item made in the UK worth £20 on Made in UK Day it would be worth £1.3bn!

 “Spend your money wisely and help UK manufacturing to thrive  Kate Hills 


Kate Hills, who spearheads the #madeinUKday campaign, has been a great champion of all things British. Following Kate's recommendation, here is a quick round-up of brands we think you will like within our Made in UK community:

For your home: Emma Bridgewater and our dear friends Wallace Sewell
For your wellbeing: Neal’s Yard Remedies and Penhaligons
For your YOUChurch’s and Cheaney ShoesThe Cambridge Satchel Company and, of course, for your dresses come to us!

Justine x


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