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I Love Linen

I Love Linen

We love linen! And in celebration, we are taking part in the international 'I Love Linen' campaign, to promote linen as one of the most sustainable and kindest fabrics to wear.

The oldest ever recorded fabric, linen was prized by the Egyptians, the Romans and the Greeks. Centuries later, we love linen for it's natural luxurious quality, it's green credentials and ease of wear for modern life.

Linen is not just a brilliant looking fabric, it's an ecologically remarkable fibre for of it's regenerative qualities; it can be grown with rainwater alone, and enriches the soil that it's grown in with no need for fertilisers and polluting additives. It's a zero waste fibre, with every part of the plant used in its life cycle, and once cropped, flax growing leaves the earth enriched and naturally fertilised. Incredible linen really does the planet good!

'I Love Linen' for its natural and authentic qualities. It's a fabric that supersedes fashion trends and takes colour beautifully from soft naturals to bright. It's a fabric that feels soft whilst weighty, with a dry handle that is cooling and comfortable. It has that knack of adding sophistication to a dress whilst effortlessly chic. 

And linen not only keeps you cool in summer, it's an all year round fabric with it's sweat-wicking, anti-bacterial and insulating quality, and linen is easy to wash with naturally stain-resistant properties. For me it's an essential fabric within every collection, no matter the time of year. 

All made with kindness in mind, and to be cherished for years to come.

Justine x



Flax grows up to 1.2 metres high, with flowers that are the prettiest of soft blue. It grows best in cool, humid climates and once cropped looks like silken bundles of flaxen hair. It takes around 100 days for the flax to be ready from seed planting to harvesting using rainwater alone. A truly green fibre.


We have created our own bespoke dyed linen colours this year in a palette of trusty blues, an all season khaki and some colour pops of green, peony pink and juicy orange. Our linen shapes are simple and stylish with just a touch of romance, soft gathered tiers or a ruffled edge. 



Our 'ice cream' ginghams are woven in Ireland, at a small sustainably run family mill. We have styled our ginghams into our 'practical and pretty' petticoat lane styles and our new Rye dress. 

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