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Buller and Rice

Buller and Rice

I'm proud to say that my Newington Green local hair salon, Buller and Rice, is the first sustainable salon in London. As our awareness of the damage we cause to the environment is growing, we're changing how we go about our everyday lives. I truly believe that sustainability is about doing the best we can, and when it comes to Buller and Rice they've done just that and more so. Every aspect of their business has been considered, from their recycled furniture and styling stations made from compressed hay, to their choice of biodynamic products. 

On a sunny Friday afternoon I took a trip down to visit Stephen at the salon, and we chatted over a blow dry and style ...

I meet Stephen and his cute Brussels Griffon dog Cyril, who apparently has quite the following himself! We chatted through my style and decided to go with natural curls that reflected my casual style, I'm most known for a scraped up scruffy pony tail! Stephen has been working as a stylist for years, establishing himself in London at 'Pimps and Pinups' in Spitalfields where he met his now business partner Anita Rice. 

Buller and Rice has a beautifully modern aesthetic, feeling very green and fresh. They use custom made furniture out of repurposed materials, such as their upcycled Belmont chairs, styling stations cut like a jigsaw to reduce waste, and marble-effect mirror frames from recycled yogurt pots. Cool LA-based brand BFBG designed the wall hanging and soft furnishing, giving the space a homely yet hip edge, whilst combined with a subtle mid-century modern vibe. Overall the space feels contemporary but approachably so, and has a distinct lived in feel to it.

Here I am pre-styling, happy to be in the hands of Stephen for a little pampering. 

Products used by the salon are bio-dynanic, meaning that the farm that grows the raw ingredients is chemical free, produces organic crops slowly and with rainwater alone, and produces no waste. OWAY products, seen here, all come in glass bottles that can be recycled or reused, the labels are made from sugar cane and bamboo, and the products are all vegan.

Even their hairbrushes our considered, using go green detanglers from WetBrush that can be thrown in landfill once they are past using and naturally break down after 5 years.

Stephen works on my hair as we chat. I was excited to hear about the salon's ethos and dedication to trying their best to cause no harm and use the resources already around. For example, the salon is kitted out to be energy-efficient, and the shower heads used to wash hair use a third of the amount of water. They even recycle hair clippings, donating them to the charity Matter of Trust to help clear up ocean oil spills.

He described how for them they just wanted to do as much as they can and educate as many people as they can, whether it's through colouring, take home products or furniture. The bottom line has to be great hair care, but if a customer comments on how much they love their powdered '"plant and mineral refresh" dry shampoo, it's even better to be able to tell them that the product doesn't contain any harmful substances and is made in an ethical way.

Here Stephen is putting the finishing touches on my new style, a fixing spray.

Giving Cyril a cuddle! You can follow Cyril's antics on instagram @cyrilbbd

I wore my Primrose Hill dress in pink rose for the occasion. It was a beautifully sunny day, and these dresses are perfect to waft about in in the heat. 

Here I am lounging at the end of my visit, feeling very relaxed and content. The best bit about Buller and Rice is that you could walk in off the street not knowing anything about the salon's ethos or dedication to sustainability and feel so at home. First and foremost it's a lovely salon offering talented stylists and a wonderful experience, but they've managed to achieve all of this whilst setting up in a sustainable way. They're a successful example of a modern business, and I wish them all the best of luck as they continue to flourish. 

Buller and Rice are open 6 days a week, and you can either call 0207 249 7727, visit their website at or just pop in at Newington Green to arrange an appointment. 

Justine x

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