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Behind The Seams At JT

Behind The Seams At JT

Happy sunny bank holiday weekend! Hope you're all set for a brilliant weekend wherever you are with perhaps a few chocolate eggs to enjoy at the same time!

With our Spring collection now in stock, I thought I'd show you some of the work that takes place behind the scenes of our studio photoshoot. As a small business, the whole team gets involved to set up every last detail of the much to do and so much fun!  

Shot back in March, we filled a north London studio with rails of garments, fluorescent chairs, bunches of flowers and pairs of shoes galore. Somewhere between the chaos and creative collaboration of the day, quenched with endless cups of tea and with a cheery playlist to keep us going, magic always happens and we manage to pull it all together. Shooting a collection is a mammoth task for a small business, so a big thank you to my team who made this shoot possible: James, Lizzie, Marcy, Daisy, Alison, Janine, Sophia and Chloe.

I hope you enjoy our photo journey 'behind the seams' !

Justine x

First up, we have to set the scene. Backdrops, (sometimes painted by us!) are discussed and the set up is framed, lighting planned depending on the weather. We like to use natural daylight as much as possible as it's softer and gives a truer tone of colour to the garments. James our photographer has to keep adjusting throughout the day as the sun moves - no easy job!

Sophia our model, travelled all the way from Manchester for the day. Up early, Lizzie our hair and make up artist has also travelled in from the country and never fails to amaze us with her vast library of make-up brushes! Meanwhile, clothes are steamed, and accessories are organised ready for styling. All systems go!

And we're off ... every style is tweaked in the shot, making sure it looks just right. Sometimes I like to give the model a single flower to hold or create a little breeze with a leaf-blower! 

A little touch-up of makeup before we head back to the shoot. 

By the end of the day we're all shattered! Shoot days are surprisingly hard work, but good fun and we all love seeing the fruits of our labour. 

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