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To my Valentine

To my Valentine

If for me your love is true, send to me a bow of blue ... 

Back before the days of dating websites and dating apps, Victorian society used these intricate and delightful cards to attract the attention of strangers or extend gentle flirtations to their 'beaus'. Popular in the late 19th century, a man would cheekily slip a calling card to a woman he fancied as a way to sidestep rigid social rules of the day, where the convention was for women to be accompanied by chaperones. In America, elaborate 'escort cards' with coded symbols were slightly more risqué, with a 'not married' man 'out for a good time'! Typically, on this side of the pond, more reserved Brits would aim to acquaint with beautiful floral illustrations and sweet rhyming puns. 

Take a meander through, and have yourself a lovely Valentines, whether spent with your beau, friends, family or your sweetest self...

Justine x

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