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The Isle of Wonderland

The Isle of Wonderland

How charming is this original Alice in Wonderland footage? Preserved and pieced together by the BFI Archive, this is the first known film of Lewis Carroll's incredibly enchanting Alice's Adventures in Wonderland story, first published in 1865...

Way back in June, whilst researching this season's collection, I came across this cinematic gem and loved the playful innocence of the home made costumes, especially the scene with children dressed as playing cards. So when I found this vintage print in my archive, I couldn't wait to develop it into this season's new print story...


... the print features all the symbols from classic cards shrunk into a micro pattern as if dipped in a bottle of 'drink me' potion. The result is both quirky yet sophisticated on dreamy washed silk. I worked it up in it's original colours of black, cream and red and then repainted a version on navy with spades, hearts and diamonds of cream, gold and green. Nostalgic and charming with just a touch of attitude, made for a modern day Alice.  Here are the designs which feature this print, all available to buy now.





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