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Keeping Corduroy

Keeping Corduroy

We love corduroy. An absolute perennial within our Autumn Winter season, corduroy combines robust authenticity with modern elegance, colours up beautifully, and this year we added fruits-of-the-forest shades to our palette of rich autumn hues. 

With that being the case, I wanted share with you how best to care for your corduroy. A timeless classic, if looked after well, your luscious cord dresses can be some of the most hard-working pieces within your wardrobe for years.

Justine x

Our corduroy is made of 100% cotton. Not only is this more comfortable, as the natural fibres are breathable and soft against the skin, but kinder for the environment as no nasty micro-fibres released whilst washing, biodegrading without polluting. We also make sure we use Oeko-Tex supported cloth, fabric which has been manufactured using sustainable processes under environmentally friendly and socially responsible working conditions. You'll find you'll perspire less in natural fibres, so you shouldn't need to wash your dresses too often, I'd always recommend airing before putting into the washing basket!

When the time does come to wash your dress, do so on a delicate, cold cycle (30 degrees or below) with similar colours. Hotter temperatures can cause those gorgeous colours to fade. We suggest you don’t use a tumble drier; tumble driers consume huge amounts of energy and the direct heat is not kind to your clothes. Instead, we recommend that you hang dry your clothes out in the open air, our dresses will quickly dry, with few creases. In winter months, hang indoors (don’t be tempted to put it on a radiator!) and your dress will soon be dry.

Should you feel your dress needs a quick iron, use a cool or medium setting, pressing on the reverse side to smooth out seams whilst the fabric is slightly damp. Reverse side ironing will ensure the beautiful velvety surface of the fabric is not flattened. Enjoy your corduroy! 

Our Autumnal rainbow of corduroy styles...

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