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All Mothers Day

All Mothers Day

Mother-daughter relationships come in many forms, and this year more than ever, many are feeling the strain of separation and loss. I have been lucky enough to share more time at home with my teenage daughter, Daisy, whilst losing so much precious time with my Mum. It's been a year where friends, aunties, cousins, carers and all the community have stepped in as 'second mums' to neighbours and the needy, we salute you all.  

Closer to home, we are celebrating Mother's Day next Sunday by sharing our 'At Home' spring look book. As needs must, we swapped models for ourselves and a good amount of tidying up was done on the day (something I don't want to do next Sunday!) I always say my clothes are for all ages, so modelling the first of our new season styles across the generations was a lovely way to kick the season off.  

Wishing you all a wonderful Mothers Day no matter your circumstances, and a huge THANK YOU to all the mothers, daughters, friends and relations. Let's hope this is the last one where we are separated, and next time we can hug our nearest and dearest, all of us Mums of the world. 

Justine x

"Taken in front of my namesake paper cut-out poster " I've always liked cutting and sticking since a child and still do!" 

"This is the first time you've been happy about me climbing on the furniture!" - Daisy

"I find a 'lost dress' in Daisy's bedroom every week..." 

Home dressing - a dress is for work, rest and play! 

"One of my new favourites and coming very soon...the Greenwich dress in this home and garden 'Pottery' print." - Justine 

Our  early spring palette of colour and print - specially woven Irish linen gingham, Liberty prints, deadstock ditsies and favourite transitional corduroy. 

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