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A Mothers Day Post

A Mothers Day Post

Hello lovely subscribers

I debated long and hard whether I should send this newsletter today. In these unprecedented times we're all struggling on a practical level, how to function in a more limited environment, and on an emotional level, it's excruciating to think of missing the company of loved ones. My parents have 180 years between them, so it's hard to contemplate how they will manage in the coming weeks. But my Mum says we 'have to keep positive and keep going', 'pull together and things will be alright'. 

So after much consideration, I decided to carry on and write about my Mothers Day offer, simply because in moments of suffering, reaching out to community is more important than ever. As trite as it sounds, I hope an element of normality will give you chance to pause and smile, refreshing the hope that we can and will get through this together. 

To Mum, to Grandma, to Mummy and if you just feel like it in these anxious times, to Me. Celebrating and cherishing our Mothers should never be forgotten in whatever way we can. It’s a small sweetener in these difficult days, but please accept a code for these colourful jumpers should you wish to send a huggable woolly in the post for this Mother’s Day. 

Use ILOVEMUM15 at the checkout for 15% off just this week. I’ll be asking my kind partners to send next day post where possible. Oh and these jumpers are made in Scotland, if there was ever a time to support local British business it’s now.

Stay safe, and please do feel free to reach out and get in touch.

Justine x

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