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A letter to you

A letter to you

Hello lovely subscribers 

These are truly challenging times we find ourselves in, it's difficult to put into words and absorb the ever changing situation. Family and friends separated, holidays shelved, children at home, we're all doing our best to keep busy in what has become a very stilted, surreal place. So first and foremost, stay safe and we are sending our warmest wishes to you all. 

In many ways it seems frivolous to be sending out letters about clothes and certainly, dresses could never be deemed life essentials. But what I'm learning very fast is how my tiny community, however small, has been hugely supportive and messages of positively have come flooding in. 
Over the coming days, weeks, or however long we find ourselves distancing from each other, my aim beyond all is to never loose sight of the fantastic community we’ve built here. I’d love to help share positivity and joy in any way I can. We’re all in this together!

On a practical side, this is where we are with the collection. First batches of Spring stock are safely at the warehouse where they were delivered many weeks ago. New styles 'coming soon' are sadly on hold, ready to go once these days are behind us. You can still pre order for some of these styles, and please do check out the ones in stock, lots of lovely joyful and comfy pieces for days spent at home. Any previous pre-orders should be with you very soon. 

I work with three lovely manufacturing workshops, two in London and one in Great Yarmouth. Our newest makers in Norfolk are luckily managing to carry on for the moment, albeit with stringent hygiene practices and sensitivity to their loyal staff. We are fortunate to know all our makers inside and out and all of them have been taking the right precautions for their employees, working at safe distances and wearing the correct protective clothing. Our teams are small and tight and no risks have been taken within the 'family factories'. 

With safety as top priority however, our London manufacturers have now closed for the time being and we will be supporting them through these very difficult times.

Here's Yuksel and Sital who run our two London-based manufacturing workshops respectively.

Over at our Bletchley warehouse, the wonderful Susie and her team have put some clear and stringent practices in place. They are continuing to post out your orders with attention and care, whilst practising social distancing within the warehouse space. All staff who can work from home are doing so, and those who need to be on site have been divided into two rotating teams. Hygiene is uppermost and you can be sure as safe an environment as possible. To their current knowledge their couriers are continuing but please bear with if a delivery takes that little bit longer. 

Here's Susie and Chloe back in January at the warehouse...and a packing station below...

And as for me, the studio is home based so whilst distracted with the news, it will be a time of consolidation and creativity. I'm working remotely with Chloe, and as a two man team we will keep each others spirits up remotely. New ideas will surely flourish, and we’re getting back onto our own sewing machines very soon! I'm a firm believer that adversity makes for creativity and we'll be getting in touch with you over the coming weeks to see if you'd like to get involved. 

And of course, do keep in touch, on the support email or via Instagram. The customer camaraderie is a beacon of hope within all this uncertainty and we will get through this together. 

As always, thank you for all your support, stay safe and love to you and yours. 

Justine xx

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