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First cut

First cut

So this is it, my first blog post. A new collection with so many stories to tell.

The first is dedicated to my past as I lurch into the future. My grandfather was a tailor, a Polish immigrant who settled in Hackney and cut fine cloth into mens tailoring. One of the few items he left from his life was a large pair of tailoring scissors, passed down to my Mum for her numerous dressmaking projects and then on to me as a fashion student. They were huge, made for big hands and long seams. 

Whilst looking through archives for my first collection, I stumbled across this print. A tiny swatch of cotton with a delicate scissor and ribbon print, finely transferred by the Edwardian copper roller. Love at first sight, I fell for the whimsical charm of a humble scissor scattered simply in a regular pattern, a mix literally, of practical and pretty. It seemed apt that this would become my signature, a symbol of my heritage so relevant to my life today. 

So here we are, new beginnings.........

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