The long and short of it ...

By Justine Tabak

The long and short of it ...

Hello lovely subscribers

In these unprecedented times I'm sure you've been incredibly touched by the spirit of community all around, neighbours looking out for each other, volunteers in huge numbers offering to help the vulnerable, and the genuine warmth of social media to connect digitally where we can’t physically. Creativity has been blossoming as people take time to slow down, becoming resourceful and watching this collective spirit has been a joy.

We had our own ‘make do and mend’ moment last week; we received our last batch in from our lovely makers before we headed into lockdown, but due to us all doing our best to follow social distancing some of our usual steps to check production were missed resulting in the dresses being made longer than planned. In these times we have to be patient, mistakes happen and most importantly all involved are safe and well, so with a glass half full I’ve found I quite like the longer length too! With the wonders of photoshop photography has been tweaked, and I’ve decided to open up offers for both lengths on the site. If you would like the longer length they’re available to buy now, or alternatively you can preorder a shorter length and I’ll arrange a detour with my sewing machine to hem for you, even posting on the extra fabric which you could then turn into a matching accessory!

Whilst some are finding it useful to use this time to engage in creative pursuits, I can honestly say that some days I’ve struggled. I’ve had days where I feel like I need to be moving and making, but equally others that it’s been hard to get off the sofa, the shock of the news still sinking in. There’s no right or wrong here, and I’m slowly learning to be as gentle with myself as I would with others. If you have been finding it useful to keep busy and connect with your creative side, we’d love to see any projects you’ve been working on at home in the ‘make do and mend’ spirit. Send any photos you have to or tag me on instagram @justine_tabak , and I’ll share your stories to celebrate our community of makers.

I'm loving these vintage wartime graphics for 'make do and mend'....


Along with the two Poets Road dresses we also received a fresh batch of red and white gingham and beautiful navy broderie anglaise Primrose Hill dresses. All of these styles come from the same pattern block, an easy breezy silhouette perfect for wafting indoors and out. Sizes are limited overall, and unfortunately we don’t know when we’ll be able to make any more at the moment, so please do order to avoid disappointment.

Stay safe, stay home and sending all my love,

Justine xx


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