Spring is in the air

By Justine Tabak

Spring is in the air

Are you sensing the first light of Spring? It seems that the days really are starting to brighten and with all the garden bulbs emerging everywhere it really does feel like winter is finally abating. 

To celebrate, I'm thrilled to share my first Look Book of the season.

This season we've decided to split the collection into three chapters, introducing new summery styles as the days get warmer (well we hope!) Chapter one, 'Spring', has launched and is available to buy now. 

Favourite styles have been reinvented, colour palettes refreshed, and new fabrics discovered. Signature dresses, prints charming and joyful knits. We've used environmentally kind, locally sourced fabrics and worked with the loyal makers that have grown with us from the start. We hope you find something you love, now and forever. 

Enjoy Spring! 

Justine x


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