Lonely Hearts Club

By Justine Tabak

Lonely Hearts Club

 Welcome to the Lonely Hearts Club!

In the last of our trio of secret subscribers sales, I invite you to find your perfect match. Right now we're all feeling a little isolated but with Valentines upon us, we hope we can spread a little joy here with a dress to love. 

Our rails are also looking a little sparse, with many styles and sizes long gone and coupled up with happy customers but we have a few 'wallflowers' waiting, so take a look to see if you can choose the right partner (call me cupid!)  

All of these styles listed have 5 or less available, many just one left, and as this is the last seasonal sale, I'm offering a special 25% discount (and as we'll be bringing in Spring very soon this will be the very last offer) Blink and you'll miss them, these treasured pieces are as much of a catch as you are, so do buy now to avoid disappointment. 

Love to all 

Justine x













Sun Seekers looking for romance...


Can't wait to celebrate...

 You're never alone with creature comforts! Happy Valentines all and love to all! 



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